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The support team is also quite professional and answered technical questions with ease. Quite a sleek experience, the interface is well-laid out in general. Admiral Markets is a competent Forex trading company that has years of experience behind it. One of the first appeals of Admiral Markets is its overall trading cost that an average trader bears. There is a whole chunk of traders who prefer accessing their accounts using a web browser. If you have experience in Foreign Exchange trading, this platform is for you.

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The fee is 10 USD per month after 24 months of account dormancy, which is around the industry average. Admirals charges swap fees for positions that are held overnight. In the case of Forex instruments, the amount charged depends on both the positions taken (i.e. long or short) and the rate differentials between the two currencies traded. Admirals’ swap rates are published on its website for each financial instrument. Traders in India who wish to buy USD have to buy it through the Central Bank of India, i.e., RBI.

Admiral Markets Features

Split into different sections, Admirals offers a structured course, a knowledge base, an overview of risk management, and frequent webinars. Algorithmic trading, which allows any trading strategy to be formalised and implemented as an Expert Advisor. An impressive array of 24 analytical tools, available in nine timeframes for each financial instrument.

When was Admiral Markets founded?

Admiral Markets was founded in 2001.

Drop-in appointments are also available at any of their office locations. A third-party tool, Trading Central’s professional analysts use the most advanced technical analysis tools Undervalued Growth Stocks Screener in the industry to gather the most comprehensive and in-depth market information. This tool essentially supports traders without the technical know-how in making trading decisions.


The trader must create an account with the broker and trade between the hours of 9 a.m. The trades are cash paid and do not require any physical delivery. For this type of trading, the trader must meet the broker’s Know-Your-Customer requirements. The trader must make a margin deposit, which is the amount that the broker maintains while the trader’s forex trade is open. They can begin trading after the broker has shared the trading account access credentials.

Admiral market grants withdrawals and accepts deposits using bank transfer, Visa and Mastercard, and Perfect money. Any deposit into your account in a currency different from the ones listed above will attract a conversion fee. For payments through the bank, ensure that the bank account is in your name to avoid any issues. Admiral market will give you a reference number you will enter as a description in your transaction. Open a live account from any of the seven types of live accounts offered by They include Islamic account, swap-free account, MT5, zero MT5, MT4, zero MT4, and invest MT5.

Where is the global headquarters of Admiral Markets?

Global headquarters for Admiral Markets is located in Tallinn,Estonia.

The company has been around for 19 years now and has hardly put any step wrong. They are offering Forex and CFD trading services, and charge a reasonable fee for that. Overall, Admirals offers a much more comprehensive set of trading tools than is available at other similar brokers. Like most other brokers, Admirals charges an inactivity fee on dormant accounts.

The MQL5 scripting language is more efficient than its precursor, and MT5 has more advanced charting tools than MT4. Admirals’ trading platforms are average compared to other brokers. The minimum deposit requirement at Admirals is 100 USD across all account options, which is lower than other STP brokers. Admirals charges 1% for deposits for currencies that are different to those supported by the broker, and only allows five free ewallet deposits per 24 hours.

Day trading

It is a safer option alternative to day trading due to the calculated risks involved. Day trading, as the name implies, is the act of opening and completing a deal on the same day. These transactions can take any time from a few minutes to a couple of hours. With this strategy, traders can avoid experiencing huge losses as a result of overnight market fluctuations. Day trading is a simple and straightforward way to start making money if the trader is new to forex trading.

admiral markets

It can reduce traders’ risk while enhancing their chances of profit. Trading in the spot market occurs at the point of transaction with immediate effect or in a short period of time. Spot transactions might take up to six days to settle when there are many holidays such as Easter, Christmas, and Pongal. On the trading day, the price is set, but money is exchanged on the value date.

Reviews & Ratings – Admiral Markets India

According to the Traders Union professionals, the daily performances of Forex brokers within multiple countries depend on a variety of characteristics. For beginners, especially those new to forex trading, the MetaTrader series is a good choice. The list has been created by one of the expert evaluation team by the Traders Union.

There are Deposit guarantee schemes and financial services compensation schemes that ensure protection if in case the company gets bankrupted. All the other charges are pretty nominal, and to some extent, below industry standards. That said, interest fees may be applicable if the trader decides to hold positions overnight. ● Plastic cards issued by VISA or MasterCard systems are also accepted with transactions processed immediately. You can use pretty much any currency to make payments from your credit or debit cards.

  • They can drastically reduce the length of time traders need to spend on daily research by flagging-up the best assets to trade and warning of changes in the market that may impact trade success.
  • As mentioned before, Admiral Markets gives a lot of priority to let the traders understand the trading process.
  • While most brokers don’t include this step in the account-opening process, it is a responsible move in an industry that is often accused of an irresponsible approach to consumer protection.
  • Additionally, while the minimum deposit requirement on all accounts is only 100 USD, Admirals recommends a minimum starting balance of 200 USD.

India is a country with different cultures and a constantly increasing economy. In India, foreign exchange trading is a new platform with greater chances. Only currency exchange which comprises the Indian rupees is allowed to be traded .

Webinar topics include commentary on the upcoming week or educational webinars like Mastering the 4Ms of Trading, which help traders develop trading skills and build confidence. The risk management section covers best practices, an introduction to leverage and leverage effect, and how rapidly moving markets can create gaps in charts. An additional Trade Terminal feature helps traders manage multiple orders concurrently, using the same advanced trade management features of the mini-terminal. While MT4 has great customizability, the platform feels outdated, and some of the features may be hard to find.

Other than Forex and CFDs, they also deal in Social Trading, Cryptocurrency trading as actual and as CFDs. To read more about the broker, take a look at a detailed Admiral Markets review from Traders Union. You will be able to make an informed decision whether to work with the company. For people who don’t plan to trade actively and regularly, there is an inactivity fee that kicks in after a certain period of idling.

admiral markets

This app is easy to understand and you get a personal manager at Admiral Markets who is always there to help you with any issues you are experiencing. The people who help you are friendly and helpful towards you. The platform on both iOS and computer are user friendly with proper placement of buttons and menus to guide a user.

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